Oil Tanks

Oil Tank Installation

Hannah Plumbing & Heating Ltd are an OFTEC-registered company under the “Competent Person” scheme, capable of supplying and fitting oil tanks to fulfil your requirements. Oil tank installation has a very specific set of guidelines and regulations. Tanks are required to be certain distances away from buildings and structures, must have adequate support and base and must comply with current building regulations. Hannah Plumbing & Heating Ltd can carry out this installation and is registered to self-certify this work as an OFTEC-registered Competent Person

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Oil Tank Maintenance

Oil tanks should be serviced annually by an OFTEC-registered competent person. Hannah Plumbing & Heating Ltd can fulfil a full range of checks and servicing to ensure your oil tank remains safe and fit for use.

Basic checks will include: –

  • Tank integrity
  • Regulations at time of inspection are being adhered to
  • Vents and access point checks
  • Gauge and alarm checks
  • Leak detection

More advanced checks can include our engineers checking for water and sludge in the oil tank. Water or sludge being present in the tank can clog pipework, damage or corrode heating systems and reduce the efficiency of the oil.

Boiler Maintenance

As with your oil tank, your oil boiler should be serviced once a year by an OFTEC-registered competent person. Hannah Plumbing & Heating Ltd can assist you with your annual service.